Sun Integration modernizes buildings and energy usage through solar power. Our solar energy panels and system installation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of Southern California give businesses and residents clean, affordable power right on their rooftops. We provide complete system design and installation for warehouses, manufacturing plants, business headquarters, churches, schools, and private residences in Southern California.

Distinguished businesses across Southern California count on Sun Integration for seamless, professional, reliable installation of photovoltaic systems. We have installed innovative systems for the multinational automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors and consumer electronics manufacturer Belkin International, as well as local businesses like home furnishing distributor Saro Trading Company and KPAC cold storage. With your energy requirements, building design, and budget in mind, we design and install a solar power system that will save you thousands of dollars on your energy bills and give you clean, sustainable energy that is not subject to spikes and declines in the energy market.

Learn more about solar power for your business or residence. Take a look at our business case studies and testimonials to see examples of photovoltaic systems and call us at 818-344-0440 to start planning yours.

Why Sun Integration?

Experts in Residential and Commercial Installs

Sun Integration prides itself on modern, innovative solar photovoltaic designs and expert quality workmanship.


Commercial Systems

Plug into the Sun

Businesses in Southern California are ideal candidates for solar photovoltaic electrical systems because sunshine is plentiful and rebates are high.

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Residential Projects

Turnkey to Sunny Savings

Sun Integration gives you a user-friendly, turnkey solution to helping the environment and your family's bottom line at the same time.

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We help solve financial problems with technical solutions

Sun Integration. When it comes to energy solutions, we're all you need.

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