Case Study 2

Faith Lutheran Church

Over 50 Year-Old Church Uses 21st Century Solar Solution to Cut Energy Costs

Environmental concerns were always a part of the makeup of the Faith Lutheran Church’s congregation, in 2008, during the planning of a church renovation, Rev. Dietrich Schleef decided to take a more active role and pursue solar curtail the high electrical usage their very large church, with a school and administration building incurred.

Cost Savings
The installation is made up of 144 solar panels placed on 2,500 square feet of the church’s concrete roof. Installed in 2008 by Sun Integration, the church has since saved a minimum of $500 to $600 per month in energy costs.

The church took advantage of government rebates and tax credits that reduced the solar installation price tag by $53,000, bringing the total cost to $132,000. The installation is expected to save the church $83,000 in electricity costs over a 10-year period.

The church also replaced recessed and flood lighting, over 30 lights with 500 watt bulbs, with more energy efficient, low-watt  florescent lighting.

Solar Integration
Sun Integration was founded in 1985 by a Los Angeles based architect. The company has been at the forefront of designing and installing solar energy systems. The company’s staff includes experienced renewable energy architects, electrical engineers, designers and certified solar PV installers. The entire Sun Integration team pays attention to detail, quality, efficiency, performance and aesthetics to ensure that our solar energy systems exceed customer expectations.

Project Overview

System Size: 26.6 kW
Location: Inglewood, CA
Solar Panels: 144 Mitsubishi 185W
Inverters: 3 Sunny Boy 7000US
Roof Type: Pitched
Electricity Usage Covered: 97%
Savings: $8,300 1st year
Installation Completed: July, 2008

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