Case Study 1


KPAC Adapts to the Next Phase of Clean Energy

Konoike-Pacific (KPAC), a cold storage warehouse located in Wilmington, CA has installed the largest commercial solar photovoltaic system in Los Angeles to date. Sun Integration was commissioned to install the 1.49 MW system, converting more than 140,000 square feet of the warehouse’s roof space into an energy source. Completed in late 2010, the solar electric system recovered its costs by early 2012.

Solar Benefits

The solar electric system greatly reduces KPAC’s operating costs, and as utility rates continue to climb, the savings only increase. The average cost of electricity for KPAC over the course of the next 25 years is now around 2 cents/kWh, taking into account maintenance and material.

Solar Incentives

The project also took advantage of the latest government and utility incentives, including a 30% federal grant program, one year accelerated depreciation, and a rebate from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Project Overview

System Size: 1.49 MW
Location: Wilmington, CA
Solar Panels: 8064 Mitsubishi 185 W
Inverters: 3 SMA 500kW
Roof Type: Flat
Electricity Usage Covered: 75%
Savings: $40,000 – 42,000/mo.
Installation Completed: Dec 2010
Cumulative Cash Positive: 1 year

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