Case Study 3

Saro Trading Company

A Solar Revolution in Two Phases

Saro Trading Co. operates out of a warehouse located in Burbank, CA, and first contacted Sun Integration in the spring of 2004. They decided on an 81.2 kW system which was installed later that year and reduced half of their utility bill.

Second Stage of Solar
Four years after the initial installation, the value of Saro Trading generating their own solar electricity proved itself evident enough to warrant their contacting SunIntegration again, opting to make use of an additional 4,500 sq. ft. of available roof space and install a second 56.6 kW system. The two combined systems generate approximately 135kW and save Saro Trading an average of $2,800 a month off their electric bill. With the current trend of utility costs increases, this system paid for itself by winter 2012.

“If your company is looking to make a move, which is as good for the environment as it is for your profit and loss statement we can sincerely suggest you contact Sun Integration.”

— Kev Kalenderian, President

Project Overview

System Size: 81.2kW & 56.6kW
Location: Burbank, CA
Solar Panels: 486 Kyocera 167W & 306 Mitsubishi 185W
Inverters: SMA 2500US & SMA 7000US
Roof Type: Flat – Asphalt Roll

Electricity Usage Covered: 91%

Savings: $2500-$3000/mo.

Installation Completed: November 2004 & December 2008

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