Case Study 4

Western Filter

Plugs into the Sun

Western Filter, an aerospace manufacturer located in Santa Clarita Valley was an early adopter of solar energy in the area. Taking the initiative paid off, in 2009 the system had fully recovered its costs. The solar electric system greatly reduced operating costs for the filter manufacturer, and as utility rates continues to climb the savings only increases.

Solar Benefits

Sun Integration installed a 267 kW system, covering more than 40,000 square feet of roof space. The installation was completed in the spring of 2004, and resulted in reducing the manufacturing plant’s electric bill by half. Western Filter completely recovered it’s original investment by early 2009.

Added Solar Benefits

As an added bonus temperatures on the factory floor significantly dropped with solar panels now shading the roof. On warm summer days the average temperature has dropped from 90 degrees Fahrenheit down to 75 degrees.

Solar Integration

Sun Integration was founded in 1985 by a Los Angeles based architect. The company has been at the forefront of designing and installing solar energy systems. Their staff includes experienced renewable energy architects, electrical engineers, designers and certified solar PV installers. Their team pays attention to detail, quality, efficiency, performance and aesthetics to ensure that the solar system exceeds your expectation.

“This system exceeded my expectations in terms of on time completion, minimal interference with Western Filter’s production schedule and personnel, and the professionalism that your construction crew exhibited throughout the installation period.“
Paul Akian

Project Overview

System Size: 267 kW
Location: Valencia, CA
Solar Panels: 1602 Kyocera 167 W
Inverters: Xanterx PV225208
Electricity Usage Covered: 49%
Savings: $6000 – 7000/mo
Installation Completed: April 2004
Cumulative Cash Positive: 5 years

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