Case Study 5

Belkin International

Belkin International takes advantage of Solar PV Electricity

Solid performance from a proven Solar Integrator
With a long record of successful commercial photovoltaic installations, Sun Integration (SI) was the natural choice for network and computer giant, Belkin International. Belkin’s confidence in SI was well deserved as we custom designed two independent solar PV systems, one on each of Belkin’s headquarter buildings in Playa Vista, CA. The systems were comprised of 185W Schuco PV modules and 8kW and 5kW SMA inverters. Conventional system grounding via a ground rod was not an option due to an underground methane barrier and careful attention was paid to protect the thermoplastic roof membrane “cool roof” surface. For this reason, and to preserve the roofing manufacturer’s warranty, a non-penetrating module support system was used.

Benefits of Corporate Solar
This great investment will pay for itself in less than 4 years and has a 40% IRR in 25 years. Averaged in 25 years the system will save its owners $48,275. It will save $15,162 in usage charges and $5,042 in demand charges in its first year alone.

Solar Integration
Sun Integration was founded in 1985 by a Los Angeles based architect. The company has been at the forefront of designing and installing solar energy systems. The company’s staff includes experienced renewable energy architects, electrical engineers, designers and certified solar PV installers. The entire Sun Integration team pays attention to detail, quality, efficiency, performance and aesthetics to ensure that the solar system exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Project Overview

System Size: 94.17kW DC
Location: Playa Vista, CA
Solar Panels: Schuco MPE185MS05
Inverters: SMA8000US & SMA5000US
Roof Type: Metal Roof
Electricity Usage Covered: 6%
Installation Completed: June, 2011

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