Case Study 1

James Residence

Ground and Pole Mounted Solar Installation

The James family of Encino commissioned Sun Integration for a unique Solar PV Energy system. Like many homeowners, the James’ wanted to offset their electricity bill, reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously making a sound financial investment and adding to the value of their home. With the 50.3kW system installed by Sun Integration, they were able to accomplish all of this. The result was a combined ground-mount and dual-axis tracker pole-mount PV system yielding excellent performance and aesthetic results.

Solar Energy – The obvious choice
The 50.3kW DC solar system installed at the James residence is comprised of 272 Mitsubishi 185W modules, which drive a total of eight SMA Inverters. The system was designed to take advantage of the sloping lot and meet the James’ energy usage requirements. The final product was a combined system which clearly makes the case for solar, both from a performance as well as a financial perspective. The James’ solar system is expected to pay for itself in about 9 years, yielding a 12.9% return on investment.

Sun Integration has long been a leader in the solar industry and has installed over 4.5 MW of Solar to date. A company with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Sun Integration prides itself on installing quality solar energy systems which yield outstanding results to its clients.

As part of its “Million Solar Roofs” initiative, the Company converts residential and commercial rooftops into distributed renewable energy generating stations.

Solar Integration
Sun Integration was founded in 1985 by a Los Angeles based architect. The company has been at the forefront of designing and installing solar energy systems. The company’s staff includes experienced renewable energy architects, electrical engineers, designers and Certified solar PV installers. The entire Sun Integration team pays attention to detail, quality, efficiency, performance and aesthetics to ensure that our solar energy systems exceed customer expectations.

Project Overview

System Size: 50.3 kW DC
Location: Encino, CA
Solar Panels: (272) Mitsubishi 185W
Inverters: (4) SMA SB4000US & (4) SMA SB7000US
Mount Type: Ground-Mount & Dual-Axis Pole-Mount
Electricity Usage Covered: 61%
Savings: $13,898
Installation Completed: March, 2011

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