Case Study 3

Tom Residence

PV System with Tigo Optimizer Mitigates Shading

The Power Optimizer Solution
When the Tom family turned to Sun Integration for their roof-mounted Solar PV system, they knew the project was going to have its challenges. The Toms live on a beautiful tree lined street in South Pasadena. On their property, the Toms have beautiful, fully mature trees which add to the appeal of their property. This, of course, poses the problem of shade for a roof mounted PV system. The Tom family’s confidence in Sun Integration was fully justified as we designed a system with the TIGO power optimizer that reduced the problem caused by shading. TIGO provides a secondary path for the string current, thus matching the module output to that of the best performing module. With this system we were able to mitigate the problems of shading and designed a system that yielded excellent results .

Custom Shade Analysis
Using a custom shade analysis we were able to determine which parts of the roof are affected by shade, year round, and design accordingly. It used a TIGO power optimizer to work around potential shading issues throughout the year.

Sun Integration has long been a leader in the solar industry and has installed over 4.5 MW of Solar to date. A company with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Sun Integration prides itself on installing quality solar energy systems which yield outstanding results to its clients.
As part of its “Million Solar Roofs” initiative, the Company converts residential and commercial rooftops into distributed renewable energy generating stations.

Solar Integration
Sun Integration was founded in 1985 by a Los Angeles based architect. The company has been at the forefront of designing and installing solar energy systems. The company’s staff includes experienced renewable energy architects, electrical engineers, designers and Certified solar PV installers. The entire Sun Integration team pays attention to detail, quality, efficiency, performance and aesthetics to ensure that our solar energy systems exceed customer expectations.

Project Overview

System Size: 10kW DC
Location: South Pasadena, CA
Solar Panels: Schuco MPE185MS05
Inverters: SMA6000US & SMA3000US
Roof Type: Asphalt Composition
Electricity Usage Covered: 74%
Savings: $2,522
Installation Completed: March, 2011

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