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Grid–Tied Service Battery Back-Up

Running Your Energy Meter Backwards

Your new solar energy system will remain connected to the electrical utility grid in your area. This eliminates the necessity for an expensive battery system, allows you to take advantage of incentives not available for off-grid systems, and most importantly, gives your system the storage space it needs for excess energy. Your energy meter will actually move backwards.

Solar roof panels produce DC electricity (direct current, like a battery). The current is then connected to an inverter, which changes the electricity to AC electricity (alternating current, like a wall socket). The excess AC electricity is then sent into your local utility company’s grid for storage.

The Solution to Blackouts

While your solar energy system is still connected to the electrical utility grid, and for the most part functions like a grid tied system, during power outages the backup battery system allows you to take advantage of its self generation capacities.

If the power grid fails during the day, a second inverter allows you to continue to use solar energy. If the power outage occurs at night, spare energy stored in batteries connected to your system go into effect.

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