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How to Buy Solar?

How a Solar Electric System in Purchased and Installed

    1. Solar Site Analysis
      A solar electric system begins with one phone call. We do a quick over the phone initial survey about your site and electrical usage. We then ask for your electric bills (we only need the bit about your annual electrical kW usage.) and the plans of your home or building. We then meet with you for an onsite visit, answering any additional questions, suggesting energy saving improvements and looking at your system’s probable installation site. We also create a proposal, including any rebates and tax incentives for which you are eligible.


    1. Approval of System Proposed
      The proposal will contain the size of your system, the location of the panels on your roof or other solar installation site, a breakdown of our charges or the details of your lease, applicable rebates, and the projected environmental impact of your system.


    1. Signing of Contract
      We always urge our customers to make a quick decision on solar installation because we cannot guarantee available utility rebates due to constant fluctuation.


    1. Paperwork + Permits
      We deal with the paperwork required for the rebates. We also acquire all permits needed for the installation, and schedule and monitor inspections.


    1. Installation
      The installation itself varies according to the size of your system, however the average residential installation (around 5 kW) lasts approximately two to three weeks, and the average commercial installation one to two months. Although our crews will require access to your structure, interior access is not necessary.


  1. Demo of System
    We provide a quick follow up visit to answer any prevailing questions, and to explain the basics of your particular installation. As soon your solar panels begin generating, you will observe your electric meter running backwards.

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