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green revolution

Solar Lease

Solar leasing is now a viable option in Los Angeles, many homeowners can go solar without any or minimal upfront costs. Designed to serve homeowners with high electric bills, solar lease programs can greatly reduce bills, instead of paying a high bill to the utility companies, homeowners pay a reduced amount to the solar lease company.

Solar leases are usually for 20 years, after which you are often given the option of buying the panels at a reduced price, or removing the system.

Sun Integration spent months researching all the lease programs available, until we were able to find the ones that best benefit you, the homeowner.

We partnered with SolarWorld, their lease program only uses high quality panels and has incredibly competitive pricing.

We also partnered with Clean Power Finance, their lease program allows you to use a wider variety of panels.

Other companies offer leasing – but it’s for cheap, low quality equipment. Other companies offer these programs – but they don’t have SI’s experienced construction and electrical people or design expertise. The ‘No-Brainer’ combination is Sunpower from SI; email or call and let us show you!

Sun Integration. Pushing the green revolution with solar power.